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Lundtofte Boldklub was formed in 1934 by a group of young people and remains to the fullest to this very day. The club has improved a lot since those days many years ago and the section for adults now consists of three teams combined with some senior teams and a few closed teams. 

The three teams of the adult section are divided in level which means that the highest ranked team consists of 18-20 players whereas the two other teams combined consists of approximately 40 players. Despite the fact that so many players are part of the adult section, the team spirit within the three teams is admirable which makes us proud because one of the key mantras of the club is to include and respect everyone as far as we are able to.

Lundtofte Boldklub also has a youth section consisting of teams divided by age. The team with the youngest children goes all the way down to five year olds and continues up to 18 year olds on the verge of joining the adult section. 

If you are interested in joining our football club please contact one of the persons listed below and they will inform you of training hours and answer further questions if necessary. 

If you wish to join the youth section please contact:

Name: Troels Balle
Phone number:+45 31 20 33 43


If you wish to join the adult section please contact:

Name: Nikolai Klokholm